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My leaflet on 'How to look after your bum bum for depot'

Surrounded by arseholes, it is good to have an arse that stands out, although some will argue, that’s half the problem.

But how better to show your recovery by looking after your bum.  Let it be so beautiful when they inject it, they feel shame at tarnishing such sexiness.

Here are my tips for looking after your bum bum in the leaflet .

SOFTEN YOUR BUM BUM WITH MOISTURISING CREAM  (psych staff will feel bad about injecting such a smooth baby’s bum)
DRAW ON YOUR BUM: Every bum you inject is  a piece of your own death.  

Posted by Dolly Sen, 29 November 2015

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 29 November 2015

Collaborative contribution to 'How not to receive a diagnosis of 'personality disorder'

Here is another guide, this time most of it not written by me, but a collaborative endeavour from Recovery in the Bin. My contribution was turning it into a leaflet, and adding the extra text and images. There isn't room to show the whole leaftlet, but here are the first 4 pages. 

Posted by Dolly Sen, 24 November 2015

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 24 November 2015

The first of my 'how to' guides in regards to mental health

I am part of a facebook forum called 'Recovery in the Bin'.  This User Led group is for MH Survivors and Supporters who are fed up with the way colonised 'recovery' is being used to discipline and control those who are trying to find a place in the world, to live as they wish, trying to deal with the very real mental distress they encounter on a daily basis. We believe in human rights and social justice!

Today someone wanted to create a spoof leaflet on how not to be diagnosed with personality disorder, it inspired me to do 'How to not get diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis'

Here it is! 

Posted by Dolly Sen, 19 November 2015

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 19 November 2015