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Alternative Psychiatric Risk Assessment Form

Do you need an assessment form to ascertain risk from being in mental heath services? Do the T.I.A.R.A. (The Institution Attendence Risk Assessment) 


Are you at risk from neglect from services?
Is there a previous history of neglect and inadequate care from services?


Is there a risk of exploitation? Are they going to gain financially from your vulnerability?


Is there a history of violence and aggression from staff/system?
Have you been physically restrained? Forcibly medicated? Forcibly ECTed? Has it caused you physical pain? Has it caused you trauma?


Have you previously been sexually assaulted in a psychiatric unit, by either other patients or staff? Did you report it and no action taken?


Have you been forced to take drugs that have known negative health implications, including death?


Does the mental health system have insight into its abusive nature?


Maybe non-compliance is an act of sanity, eh? 



Posted by Dolly Sen, 26 February 2015

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 26 February 2015


Suicide is selfish.

Being a burden to loved ones and society is selfish.

Still hurting after evidence-based treatment is selfish.

Helping someone is selfish.

Not helping someone is selfish.

Walking by a homeless person is selfish.

Giving them money is selfish.

Laughing with so much pain in the world is selfish.

Crying at things you cannot change is selfish.

Hurting from abuse is selfish; other abused people don’t hurt as much as you. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

Being excluded by society is selfish.

Not being part of society is selfish.

Not changing the world is selfish.

Changing the world is selfish.

Buying goods made by slave labour is selfish, not buying the only goods you can afford is selfish.

Being angry is selfish.

Not being angry is selfish.

Hate is selfish, love is selfish.

Writing self-pitying bollocks is selfish

Not letting people know you are struggling is selfish.

Suicide, the last selfish thing? 

Or should I be selfish in life, pain, art and dreams?

And hope I don’t hurt too many people on the way

And find this place that sells thick skins

In a world that gives me nothing to buy them with.

Posted by Dolly Sen, 24 February 2015

Last modified by Dolly Sen, 24 February 2015