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I had to renew my tv licence this week, even though I have stopped watching TV. I think this happened because I used to contemplate suicide every time I watched Richard and Judy or Jeremy Kyle. If I was in charge of TV, I would adapt some current programmes to be more relevant to Mad People such as myself. Like: How Clean is Your Madhouse? MADWATCH - filmed reconstructions of your crimes of normality. Antics Roadshow Real or No Real Medication, medication, medication How to Look Good Strip-searched and Restrained Who do you think you are.. no really...

love Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 27 January 2009

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I did some interesting acting work today for Minty & Friend, who are a company that tackle the subject of disability, discrimination, the DDA, and reasonable adjustments using acting, role play, workshops, dinners, mentoring, actually all sorts of things - with compassion, imagination and humour. If are looking at a way to tackle those kind of issues in the workplace, Minty & Friend's website is a good place to start. Not only does it offer a range services, it also has a resource section. Minty and Friend Today we tackled the subject about disclosure, do you tell your boss or not if you have a mental health issue, and what the repercussions of that might be. And how reasonable adjustments can be made, but how do you reasonably adjust people's negative attitude and ignorance towards mental health? It is a bit of a minefield, but a minefield is a good place to dance. I don't know what I mean by that last sentence but it sounds good so I am going to keep it in. Love Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 18 January 2009

Last modified by Nat Rand, 26 January 2009

Film Crew needed for self harm Minimisation training DVD

National Self Harm Minimisation Group, are a London based mental health charity, looking for film crew to work with our Director in completion of training DVD for medical staff over next 4-6 months...(Feb 09 onwards) . Experience of documentary film making and filming drama required. Fees and expenses neg. Would need own kit/Insurance. This is paid work for right crew, email CV in first instance to Sara Stanton for more info/questions please email ...

Posted by Nat Rand, 13 January 2009

Last modified by Nat Rand, 26 January 2009


Hello people, at the end of the month I will be in a padded cell. And I will be very happy to be there. Because it is part of the campaign to try and tackle mental health discrimination, organised by Time to Change. They have taken over a carriage of a tram in Sheffield. It is a publicity stunt for the media to be interested in the subject matter so those of us affected by mental health discrimination can tell our stories. As I have often said, sometimes the discrimination and stigma is more painful than the mental health problem, and means the paranoia some of us endure has a basis in reality. I will take some pics while I am up there and post them here.

I am doing 'normal' things as well. I will be starting a new job soon for Mind in Camden as a Development Worker for the London Hearing Voices Group, basically doing outreach to the mental health BME community. Thank you to Mind in Camden for giving me the job. I am well chuffed.

Bye for now, Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 10 January 2009

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I think my mania is edging ever closer in. I have a great urge to run down the street dressed as Wonder Woman, and I want old grannies and traffic wardens to sing 'Wonder Woman' as I pass them. I don't know, am I becoming unwell or is this something my soul needs to do?

Posted by Nat Rand, 8 January 2009

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Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dolly's Blog, happy birthday to you.

So it has been a year, blimey, doesn't time fly when you don't understand the concept of time. I have no new year's resolutions. I can't be arsed to - tee hee. But this year will be busy. Apart from doing my degree, I am about to start a new part time job with Mind in Camden's Hearing Voices Group as a temporary Development Worker, which I am really looking forward to.

There is a book that will be out this year that I have written a chapter for. It's called 'From Communism to Schizophrenia and Beyond: One Man's Long March of Recovery' Its main authors are Gordon McManus and Jerome Carson, and it will be published by Whiting and Birch.

I will also be co-writing a book on my own recovery with Jerome Carson, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a very lovely man.

And now that it is 2009, I can say 'Next year I will be 40.' I have already had my midlife crisis so I am very much looking foward to it. I will have a party where between 12 and 1 million people will be invited!


Posted by Nat Rand, 2 January 2009

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