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Yesterday I had very long-term friend say to me, 'Dolly, you have the strangest brain of anyone I have ever met. You must tell the readers of your blog about your freedom pass art intervention." Well, readers, you no doubt have realised my strangeness by now, but what my friend was talking about was this: In London, the disabled travel pass comes in a nice bright orange pass holder, and I got to think there are some people who deserved a pass but didn't get one. So I made one for Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and Virginia Wolfe, then I handed them into London Transport's Lost Property dept. You never know, they might get reclaimed!

Posted by Nat Rand, 26 August 2008

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Hello people, last week I was thinking how I miss the campaigning part of being a mad person, and an idea popped into my head. Why not organise a march to challenge stigma and discrimination, where the marchers wear 'Hug a Schizophrenic' or ‘Hug a Mad Person’ 'Hug a Manic Depressive' t-shirts and invite the public to do just that. The march would stop at some psychiatric hospitals to invite the psychiatric staff to hug the marchers. We have already some good media interest in the idea. The idea is to make it colourful, fun, celebratory of everyone’s ability to love, and not hidden and shameful. It will be warm and in no way accusatory or confrontational. Hug a Mad Person Day will be on Valentines Day, 14th Feb 2009.

So that is what I am going to do. Anyone wanna be on board as one of the planners, to be part of one of the organisations taking part, or to sponsor. I'd love as many people to be involved with this as possible.

If you are interested, drop me an email at

Love Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 23 August 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009


Hey guys, I am in the Times today (11/8/08). Ruby Wax was interviewed for the Times for her Edinburgh Festival Show where she is doing comedy around her own mental health issues. She talks about her interview with me, and how my experiences shocked her pretty unshockable self. See in my teens, I saw demons on a daily basis. So what any negative person can say to me now looks so silly compared. Although I didn't want those experiences, they nearly killed me, I have a strength now that is pretty much unshakable.

Here is the link

And if you are in Edinburgh, go see the show. I am aiming to be up there next year.

Love Dollyx

Posted by Nat Rand, 11 August 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009



Eccentric fish swimming in set concrete But still making the shore Still seeing the sun Still growing flowers Still smiling in a world of endless liars.


It was the meeting of two minds of 2 people that were lost who discovered they were not lost at all. It was the world around them that had gone astray The World used maps like ‘work’, ‘judge’ ‘hate’ and ‘blame’ These two did not like to be in those places there was no escape except to use our own maps of ‘love’ ‘passion’ ‘art’ and ‘poetry’ But we were told: ‘There is no place for you here. Tear up you heart-shaped maps or we will tear them up for you.’ So we ran away from them followed our hearts

and found each other

Posted by Nat Rand, 1 August 2008

Last modified by Nat Rand, 23 January 2009