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11 March 2016

Natalie Sarah Hughes (TILLEY)

I am lucky, beyond lucky actually, to be featured as part of this Exhibition! Bobby Baker is MY INSPIRATION, MY MENTOR, MY GOOD FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! Tilley & Del (THE COMIC) is a Collaboration that I am personally very proud of, Ben Connors drew all of the pictures and he has enabled me to start telling MY OWN STORY, in a medium that is both accessible and FUN! Now my confidence has grown to such a degree that I am drawing, writing, EVERYTHING, we have been splitting right down the middle with the twenty four Frames, and our partnership continues with Strike Magazine (after a year and a half)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bobby Baker is LEGENDARY as a Performance Artist, but more importantly, as an AMBASSADOR FOR MENTAL HEALTH, representing others who also have their fair share of experiences but also talents and capabilities! She overcame many personal traumas and illnesses to make a name for herself, bring up her own family and now, help others to feel less isolated, make their own success and challenge stigmas and personas, EDUCATING WITH A POSITIVE BUT REALISTIC MESSAGE ABOUT MENTAL DISTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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