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Crippen cartoons on Google images

I had an interesting comment on my Wordpress blog the other day. I've added my response at the bottom of this post but but would be interested to hear what others make of it. You can access the blog comment directly by clicking here and maybe leaving your own comment?

Blog Comment left by Akiko Chan: "I don’t appreciate the Crippen images which have been put up on the Google Images site. These images depreciates the whole idea of seeing the differently abled not as people who have likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies and most importantly as those who could be our friends! We should remember the whole idea of a person who is disabled doesn’t surround her/his personality on being an individual."

My response: "I think there is perhaps some cross-cultural misunderstanding, my friend!  My work actually makes fun of those who 'don't' see disabled people as individuals with full lives, likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies.  I am a disabled person myself and have been at the receiving end of discrimination, prejudice and lack of understanding.  So I don't think we really disagree.  Perhaps it is a case of British humour not carrying across successfully to other societies or cultures?  I and my disabled comrades see that the worst barriers we face are created by society, not our impairments - we face environmental, communication, information, institutional and attitudinal barriers in our struggle to be seen as full citizens.  (A social modelunderstanding of disability.)  Thanks for getting in touch though and making your comments."

Posted by Dave Lupton, 14 January 2016

Last modified by Dave Lupton, 14 January 2016