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Ed's Art / 2 April 2009

I’ve decided to show another Disabled cartoonist’s work in this week’s blog slot. Probably shooting myself in the foot here aren’t I?!

You may have seen some of Eddie Freeman’s cartoons running in Disability Now over the past several months. I’ve known Eddie for many years and during this time his style has changed a lot. He now uses avatars as his main character base which provides his cartoons with a high tech, modern look when compared against the more traditional method.

Eddie sent me this cartoon which he did after hearing President Obama make a disablist joke on American national television. The joke centred upon him comparing his own poor bowling skill with competitors participating in the “Special Olympics”. Oops! You can imagine George W rubbing his hands with glee when he heard that Super President was able to put his foot in his mouth just as easily as he used to!

Great cartoon Eddie. Thanks for sharing it.

(Eddie is contactable on if you want to use any of his work)