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Millionaires?! / 24 March 2009

Did you hear that organisations run by Disabled people are to receive a million pound boost to run themselves and help Disabled people to live fuller and more independent lives? Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly. The government is giving money to us crips to continue doing what we do best – working with other crips. Great eh, and there’s no catch apparently!

Care Services Minister, Phil Hope announced that twenty-five "user-led" organisations, which include Southampton Centre for Independent Living, Disability Action in Islington and Disability Cornwall will have access to £1 million as part of the ‘Action and Learning Sites’ programme. Having done work for all three organisations I know that they’ll put this extra money to good use.

All of the disability organisations chosen all promote independent living and provide a range of services including information, advocacy and advice as well as support in using the direct payments scheme.

A further £100,000 will be shared across the North West, South East and Eastern regions to help local authorities understand and work better with disability organisations (and let’s hope they use it to employ Disabled trainers eh!).

Thirteen new "user-led" organisations from across the country will also receive a share of £800,000 (£13,000 each) under wave two of the project announced in March last year.

Speaking at the User-Led Organisation Action and Learning Site Network conference in London, Phil Hope told delegates: "Organisations run by people with disabilities … (why do they insist on still calling us that) … play a vital role in delivering high-quality, personalised services . He added that he wanted to see more organisations led by Disabled people to provide services and support to other Disabled people (I like this guy!).

So at least not all of the funding is being sucked into the other government projects, some of it’s going where it really counts. But then when you compare this £1.1 million against the countless billions financing the wars and the massive public relation scam known as the 2012 Olympics, the £40,000 that each of the 25 user-led groups will be getting is really just a drop in the ocean isn’t it.

It’s a good start though Phil, so keep it coming my man.



26 March 2009

Nice one Rich. I've sent the man (Phil Hope) the link to the blog so let's hope he carries on in the right direction eh!

richard downes

24 March 2009

it would be a good start if it was the start. But this is the second or third tranche of monies. the first lot of monies for userled orgainsations largely went to non user led organisations. or that is what i was told at any rate.

So for those government minsiters listening in a user led organisation is an organisation run and controlled by its users. Quite easy really. Glad to see they might be getting the hang of it now though.