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Speedy crossing! / 20 March 2009

Having stated that he wants to work towards making his city the access capital of the world (in time for the 2012 Olympics) it’s now clear that Mayor of London Boris Johnson was referring to making the capital more accessible for motorists.

He’s planning to introduced ‘speedy street crossings’ which means that crossing times for pedestrians will be cut by up to six seconds along with a reduced number of green man phases. This will mean that even reasonably fit pedestrians will have to practically run to get to the opposite kerb in time. Young children, older people, Disabled people and anyone else whose pace is somewhat slower will be lucky to make it to the middle of the road before the lights change!  

Of course we shouldn’t be too surprised as this is the man who is advocating spending some £30m to implement a so called ‘shared-surface street’ in Exhibition Road, London. In this concept there are no kerbs, and the road and pavement are built at the same level offering no clue to blind and partially sighted people about when they are about to step into a trafficked area. His intention he claims is to “give pedestrians greater priority of movement”. Oh yeh!

I thought that this guy had a team of people who would have done an impact assessment on these plans, or at the very least have pointed out to him his responsibilities under the Disability Equality Duty?

No, hang on a minute. It was Ken who employed Disabled access advisors wasn’t it?!

Well don’t look at me – I didn’t vote for him!



6 May 2009

Hiya Marisha, Boris will probably eat it before it even reaches the road!!

Marisha Bonar

4 May 2009


Adding to that serious, How will the Chicken cross the Road??????