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Sex and Sexability / 16 March 2009

OK boys and girls, due to public demand (well, the crip public anyway!) I've just posted a new book about the sexuality of Disabled people onto my web site. The link to the info page is:

The idea for the book has been rumbling away on the back burner for some time and I've gradually added cartoons and text to the rough outline as different thoughts arise. Not that it's the only thing I'm thinking of you understand, although when you get to my age it's mostly about the thinking with far less action!

Be warned, the book contains adult material, so if you're of a sensitive disposition it might be better to give this one a miss and go for one of the more conventional books available on the subject (what do you mean there aren't any?!).

As usual with this new book I've kept the cost down to a fiver to just cover my overheads and leave enough left over for a coffee! It's available as a downloadable PDF file through the PayPal/PayLoadz scheme. Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account. It's very easy to set up (just follow the on-line instructions) and once you have it, it's the safest way to transfer funds on the internet in my opinion.

For our friends out there who use text reading software, I'm currently working on a full text version of all of my books, including this latest one which I'll be supplying upon request and free of charge.



28 March 2009

Thanks Kit. Succinct as ever. Incidentally, Ian at Disability Now is running with a review of the book in the next issue so it will be interesting to see what this more main stream publications makes of it.

Kit Wells

24 March 2009

This is a very brave,unique,sincere and, I feel, successful attempt to tackle a 'taboo' subject. Many non-disabled people feel a sense of disquiet and unease when faced with the thought of disabled people having a sex life. To quote Chris Davies, 'they think it shouldn't be allowed'. To many people who have no experience of disability or have no close disabled friends, sex for disabled people is unthinkable. Disabled people are there to be patronised, tended to and, basically, seen as having no sexuality and no right to any either. Good for you Dave, you have dealt with the theme and it's variations in your usual thoughtful and encompassing way. The cartoons are funny too!