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Safe and sound / 4 March 2009

A visually impaired Wandsworth man who’s has been away at a rehab centre for a while is due back home in a couple of day’s time. Great news eh?! Well, so you’d think until you read an email that’s been put out by the Direct Action Network (DAN) asking if any one’s free to act as an advocate for him when he does return home.

The problem it appears is that his Social Services have decided to make life at home easier for him. They’ve come up with a way to stop him from bumping into furniture and his other personal bits and pieces that lay around the house. They’re going to throw it away!

Naturally our Disabled friend is a bit distressed to hear of this solution, especially as it would appear that he’s not going to have much of a say in what is thrown out. This is where the call for an advocate has gone out. Obviously, time is of the essence so, if you or someone you know is available to support him when he meets up with the Social Services house clearing team, please let him know by emailing -