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Super Crips / 29 November 2007

Super Crip strikes again and this time it’s a Disabled person who’s supporting that urban myth that when we loose one of our senses, we develop our remaining senses to become super improved to compensate!

The man in question is the latest recruit to the Brussels police, who, along with five other blind and visually impaired detectives have been enlisted to aid the fight against international terrorism and drug trafficking.

The article, which appears in the Independent earlier this week, quotes a police spokesman as saying that not only can they separate individual voices from a cacophony of sound but they can also pick up on clues which sighted officers might miss – whether a suspect is talking in a railway station or a restaurant, whether the caller is using a landline or a mobile phone and, in very rare cases, whether the hum of a car engine comes from a BMW or a Citroen (!!).

They just make it too easy for me don’t they?!