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Stuck on you! / 25 November 2007

Jeni’s worn a back brace for as long as I’ve known her. She recently changed from the heavy-duty leather type prescribed by the NHS, to a lightweight model which we’ve sourced in Spain. This new one is fastened by Velcro and doesn’t have the many straps and buckles that the NHS go in for. The reason I mention this is that I’ve now taken to wearing something similar (the discs in my back having finally given up the ghost and come out in sympathy with the rest of my ailing body!) and I’m now also able to enjoy the delights of Velcro fastenings.

Imagine the scene. It’s still fairly warm here during the day and we’re still wearing t-shirts. By one of those strange co-incidences my t-shirt has ridden up a bit at the back exposing a bit of the Velcro fastening, and Jeni has the top of her brace poking out of the collar of her t-shirt. No problem there, which is until we accidentally back into each other and our Velcro decides to hold hands. We suddenly find ourselves well and truly stuck together!

No exaggeration, it took a fair bit of pulling before we parted with a loud ripping noise that not only frightened the two dogs, but sent us both shooting off in opposite directions! Following this incident, whenever we need to pass each other now, we face each other, and circle round like wary gunfighters before going our different directions!

Well, we thought it was funny!