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Cartooning Part 3 / 24 November 2007

Along with the personal computer (PC), the other major influence on my cartooning life has been the introduction of the Internet and the world-wide-web (www). The time that I’ve spent educating myself about this medium has been a worthwhile investment and it has more than compensated for itself over the recent years. I am now able to carry a virtual portfolio of my work around with me, anywhere there is a computer connected to the internet. I can send an image across the world in seconds and receive a client’s feedback in an instant. I can access a vast resource of information about any issue that I care to look at, invaluable when creating a cartoon about a current political issue.

Another question I get asked is how do I see my work progressing in the future? I know that I’d like to explore animation for my characters, perhaps introducing the social model understanding to a wider audience for example, perhaps as the disabled person’s equivalent of Toy Story or one of the other successful animated cartoon films. I’d also like to become more involved in the interactive side of the internet. I’m sure that there’s a vast untapped resource waiting here for disabled people to utilise and use it to remove many of the barriers that still exist in our society. Who knows? I try and live in the moment, which tends to have enough surprises and unexpected situations arising to keep me busy. Ask me again in ten years!