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Chainsaw massacre / 23 November 2007

Another event yesterday saw the invasion of our quiet little village by hi-vis jacket wearing hombres from the big city of Granada. The whole area is undergoing a tart -up due to it being designated one of the major tourist spots in Southern Spain (have to agree with them there). We've already had street lights installed (resulting in the loss of our amazing star lit nights) and they've now decided to widen the road. Nothing too major there, you probably think. Wrong! These city boys, with no appreciation of the finer point of local flora and fauna have been indiscriminately hacking away at everything in sight. All the olive trees that have been overhanging the road for generations, and which are now loaded with olives ready for harvesting, have been slaughtered.The same with the orange trees, fig trees, etc. All of the flowering shrubs and other colourful plants that make this such a tourist attraction have also been hacked away, causing tears and angry exchanges from the old ladies of the village who have so carefully tended them over the years. It's autocracy gone mad I tell you, and you thought it only happened in the UK?!

Predictably the local paper has got hold of the story and I've been asked to put my 'Sox' hat on and create a cartoon of the event. I've called it the Tijola chainsaw massacre and I've produced it here for you to see. I'll be putting my Crippen hat back on for you tomorrow!