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Sox / 18 November 2007

Those of you who’ve visited my other blog on the a-n arts site (temporarily suspended while I concentrate my efforts on this one) will know that I‘ve admitted to having another cartooning identity. Someone saw one of my Spanish ‘Laughabull’ cartoons whilst on holiday in the Alpujarras and made the connection. My other pen name is Sox and I use this identity to address more mainstream issues, mainly in the commercial market. My work as Sox is up on my main web site, along with the Crippen Gallery. Just click on the Sox button when you next visit the Crippen site and you’ll see all of the Sox subject folders, including the Laughabulls, Driving over Lemons, and much more.

Sometimes I find that the boundary gets a bit blurred between these two areas of cartooning. Like for example a series I did for the sleep apnoea clinic in Hastings. I produced them under the Sox name, but they could have really fitted into the Crippen gallery. The same with some issues I addressed about Asthma - very Crippenesque! All very confusing sometimes … (no wonder he doesn’t know who he is most of the time – Ed!)

Incidentally, I’ve not branched out into the soft porn market! This image for the Hastings CPAP newsletter was to show that wearing a CPAP mask at night didn’t necessarily make a person less desirable - well, it works for me! (I'm not even going to go there! - Ed!)

Just noticed that the OnePhatDeafie cartoon has come out really small. Not sure why? I'll see if I can get it bigger. Strange, upped it to 700 pixels (which is bigger than all the other stuff on this site) and it still won't come up any larger. I am perplexed! Perhaps Sir Col the Editor has the answer?!

Bit confused by this new layout ... Got to remember that only the current month is showing above the comments now. OK I can do that, just a matter of finding my end in the edit box! Oh and as for comments, Jeni says to tell Bol that it's the pure Alpujarran fresh air down here. He's like a new man (she should be so lucky! - Ed) And thank you Col for the potty trained endorsement. I can now add that to my CV!



18 November 2007

I'm shocked! Nipples in a Crippen cartoon (OK then a Sox cartoon but whos counting)I'm just gong to have to go and lie down and think pure thoughts for a while!!