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Sunday 18th November 07 / 18 November 2007

Following on from my cartoon about the Leonard Cheshire Foundation I’ve been sent some links to a couple of articles relating to same. They’re both on the old ‘Crip Stirring’ site that Clair Lewis used to run. The first is a poem by Karen Sheader called The Leonard Cheshire Cat. This is the link

The second is a whistle blowing account about skulduggery in the early days of the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire camps. It’s purported to be written by an ex PC called Richard Card who was investigating alien registration at the time. If you’re into conspiracy theories this makes for a good read. Here is the link for that.

While I was looking at the Leonard Cheshire stuff I found these old cartoons by OnePhatDeafie. There’s not much around by Disabled people relating to hearing impairments issues so these are a breath of fresh air. Have a look on this link

(Hi PD, hope you don't mind but I had to alter the shape of the cartoon to fit this blog format and redo some of the line art and text 'cause the original had got a bit corrupted. If you read this, can you get in touch? I really love your stuff.)