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Friday 16th November 07 / 16 November 2007

Have just posted up onto my web site this 'positive' equality cartoon relating to the new Equality and Human Rights Commission. There should be a balance now in the Equality folder between the pros and the cons around this issue. This should make a few of you happier!

Hopefully, from the debate that's started about this I'll get some more material to work with. I'll post up any new stuff as and when.

I've also been answering a few emails I got today from some Crips who stumbled across the Crippen web site and then the link to this blog. One from a guy in Italy who was seriously asking if it was OK to laugh at disability humour (?!). I should have pointed him at Marmiteboy! Also another email from a young woman in Tailand, who was trying to interest me in sending her my bank account details, so I don't think she really counts!

Another interesting life in the day of Crippen eh!