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Tuesday 13th November 07 / 13 November 2007

More comments I see, including another from our young friend Artyfartyboy as I predicted (who is that masked man?!). Thanks for your comments Richard and Gaz.It is strange how the Social Model can sometimes sneak up and bite you on the bum sometimes isn't it! And I am getting back to you AFboy. Patience, dear boy, patience.

For those of you who may have submitted comments and haven't yet seen them posted - well, we've had a bit of a problem with the system. Could we ask that you send them again if you don't see anything within the next few days. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately things tend to grind to a halt when multiple copies of the same comment are left on this blog (from the same sender that is). It means that other messages cannot get published during the time it takes poor Col' to clean all this excess off of the content management system. This can also cause some of the comments from other people to fail to get through to us. So please, just send the one comment once, and everyone will be happy. Thanks :-)