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Cute and Cuddly alert / 12 November 2007

Crippen Creature Dis-comforts cartoon

Crippen Creature Dis-comforts cartoon

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Had a 'heads up' this morning about a new venture being undertaken by Aardman Productions of Wallace and Grommet fame. They've been commissioned to produce an animation on disability issues in the UK to be called Creature Discomforts (Geddit?!). And the people they've been commissioned by ... wait for it ... those leading exponents of disability rights (not) ... can you see who it is yet? ... Yes, it's the Leonard Cheshire Disability Foundation (big fanfare of trumpets ending in a fart!). Now, far be it from me to suggest that they would get a better understanding of disability issues if they went to anyone else but this organisation - such as to any of the many groups and organisations of Disabled people that exist - but I suppose it's a case of who pays the money, has the control. It's not too difficult to imagine just how this animation will end up though is it, especially with the title they're giving it (the old 'poor suffering crips' theme methinks!). By the by, folks, who's going to suggest to Aardman Productions that they have their website accessibility-checked ... hmmm?!?!

(Damn! Forgot to do the response to ArtyFartyboy's earlier comment about why I always seem to feature wheelchair users most in my cartoons. He's going to be on my case again I bet!)