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Expert cartoon

Crippen Expert cartoon – 2nd March 2008

Nothing new

Back with a new desk top computer after my old laptop crashed and burned just before Christmas, I’m hoping to get back into providing you all with regular blog entries once again. (I’m surely being punished for something I did in a former life?! – Ed)

One of the things that I’ve been doing whilst I’ve been waiting for the computer fairy to come and replace my dead laptop is drawing a lot of new cartoons. These are mainly for some new cartoon books that I hope to have available on my web site soon, and also for a couple of the books I previously had printed in hard copy. Both these new and old books will be available as PDF files and can be downloaded through the Pay Pal system.

What struck me when creating the new stuff is that not much has really changed! We still have Charities gate-keeping the funds we need; most Charities are still, on the whole, run and controlled by non-disabled people; there are still those non-disabled disability professionals out there doing their thing and making lots of money; etc. In fact, when I started to redraw some of the old cartoons from the early 90’s, they were still as relevant today as when I first created them!

Posted by Dave Lupton, 2 March 2008

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