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Criteria cartoon

Crippen Critera cartoon – 11th March 2008


I blundered into an on-line arts chat room the other night and got talking to some folks about the inclusion of Disabled artists into mainstream arts venues and resources.

This cartoon came from the ‘discussion’ that ensued, and pretty well sums up the attitude of the non-disabled people (artists?) who were on-line at the time. This was as far away from Social Model understanding as you could imagine by the way, and the majority only had an understanding of disability art through the charitable cards they’d bought at Christmas from the likes of Scope, or, in the case of the Yanks involved, from the many ‘handicapped’ charities they have over there!

Made me wonder though if the funders are working from this understanding of what the general public expects when dishing out the dosh to disability arts organisations. What do you think?!

Posted by Dave Lupton, 11 March 2008

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