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hoops cartoon

Crippen hoops cartoon


Olympics rant (again!): As I mentioned in this blog last year, funding within the UK is continuing to be sucked into a huge void labelled ‘The 2012 Olympic games’. At the time of writing the bill for this has risen to a spectacular £9.5 billion from its original estimate of £2.5 billion. It’s also likely to go even higher as we now discover that the Government may have overestimated the money (by £1 billion) it can get for land it plans to sell off after 2012.

We know that this has had a knock on effect with funding that would normally go to disability arts, for example, and that most of this spending will go towards supporting a belief structure that encourages the worship of the body perfect. Of course there’ll be the ‘Special Olympics’, but let’s not kid ourselves that this isn’t anything more than a token attempt at inclusion for the Disabled members of society (if in fact we wanted to take part in this gratuatus display of patronisation by the mainly non-disabled organisors).

I’ve created several cartoons around this theme over the past several months or so, and this idea came to me as I was looking at some old sketches I’d done of crips having to jump through the proverbial hoops in order to get anywhere. Even though I say so myself, I think the use of the Olympic hoops in this context says it all at the moment!

Posted by Dave Lupton, 28 March 2008

Last modified by Dave Lupton, 7 February 2009