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Crippen looks at the continued horror of life for disabled people in Afghanistan

My on-line work takes me to areas all around the world where I'm asked to create images of disabled people facing oppression in all of its many forms and manifestations. Most of us in the West may be faced with limited access and be struggling to live on a reduced income. However this is a walk in the park compared to some situations I hear about concerning our disabled brothers and sisters in the third world.

Take Afghanistan for example. The rights of disabled people in that country are not even upon anyone's agenda as political infighting and the continued horrors of war is waged. Funded by the bottomless war chests of the United Kingdom and America this has caused starvation conditions for many disabled people there.

Two brave Afghanistanies tried recently to raise people's awareness of the plight of disabled people in that country. One is a cartoonist and the other is the editor of a national newspaper. They have since been arrested and are now believed to be incarcerated within one of the many new political prisons that exist there. Their crime was to create a caricature of the countries puppet ruler Hamid Karzai and to publish it along with an article about disability in Afghanistan.

Fahim Khairy is a young Afghanistan journalist currently living in America. He asked me to create a cartoon to accompany an article he is writing about the corrupt use of monies sent to Afghanistan in order to aid the people effected by the continued war, especially the growing number of disabled people.

Here's the cartoon. Please feel free to circulate it to as many of your on-line contacts as you can and demonstrate that disabled people in the West care about our disabled brothers and sisters in all parts of the world, and especially in Afghanistan.

Thank you.


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Posted by Dave Lupton, 15 February 2010

Last modified by Dave Lupton, 19 February 2010