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Crippen discovers a very non-social model gender identity process

By coincidence I've had a couple of messages from Disabled people who are going through the gender identity process.

One is at the stage of applying for an operation and the other is attempting to get the gender on her birth certificate amended.

Both of these people have described to me a process that is so medical model orientated that it makes me want to beat the various consultants and medicos over the head with a large hammer labelled 'social model understanding'.

Why this issue has been given over to the medical profession to act as gate keepers is beyond me. OK, there is sometimes an operation involved but that is a small part of the whole thing.

The medical profession being what it is, they seem to be particularly strict in the application of the various tests that they've constructed for people wishing to have their gender amended to, what for the people going through the actual process, is the correct gender in the first place. It's another of those 'protecting society from .. 'situations as I see it.

Let's have all these tests to ensure that this person who says they are male or female are really what they claim. We can then all sleep safer in our beds knowing that these perverts are not walking the streets at nights up to goodness knows what!

And some of these people are also claiming to be disabled people too ... whatever next?!

Stop allowing the medical profession to drag everything into their medical model based arena and allow such issues to become a part of the process of self determination that all people have a right to expect.

Perhaps we need to get this aired on East Enders. They've certainly raised the profile on other social issues so why not on gender identity?!


Posted by Dave Lupton, 26 April 2010

Last modified by Dave Lupton, 26 April 2010