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Creative Minds: Visual Arts presentation

The morning session of the conference saw a presentation by the artist Thompson Hall from Action Space, who run two dedicated art studios in London for the learning disabled community. Hall responded to the conference questions alongside the Rocket Artists who gave a much more visual presentation. Colin Hambrook asks is there potential for learning disabled artists to make the world of visual arts more accessible to the ordinary person?

Creative Minds: ‘What as a practitioner are you going to do now?’

The Creative Minds event held in Brighton on Monday 10th March was full to capacity with a good mix of delegates from different roles and organisations. The work was impressive presenting visual art, performance and films that were full of life. Creative Minds was well organised with plenty of activity and scope for discussion and sharing of practice and thought. The speakers were engaging, their presentations witty, and their messages strong. To add to the debate Kristina Veasey asks ‘What as a practitioner are you going to do now?’