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Getting ready to exhibit... / 8 February 2013

a pair of hand drawn wings, extended to the sky, white on dark blue.

Wings in a dark blue world © Gini

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'Creatives in Con.Text' has come together, the incubation period is over, the edit is almost done. Some things have become crystal clear, others still nudge at the edges of consciousness.

Progressing the work worried at me while I was still refinding me. Impractical notions for its presentation raged in and out of conscious thought while I was clutching at my hot-pad, ignoring the spaced-outness of painkillers and telling myself that tomorrow all would be brilliant. Eventually I let go. I think.
One day I will find the time (or a collaborator), to produce the complex physical object that this Con.Text piece has the potential to become.
One day, I promise myself, I will acquire the techie skills (or a collaborator), to realise the interactive digital presentation that lives inside my head.
Just a short while ago I was convinced that my inadequacies would disable the work to its detriment.
But today, for 'People Like You' and DAO - the physical exhibition and the online presence - I'm busily absorbed in a different stretch of skills that will allow me to present 'Creatives in Con.Text' on time and accessible.
One of the exciting aspects is taking text back to workshops (where the conversations originated) for artists and makers to create physical text that can be interacted with by visitors to the 'People Like You' exhibition.
Like the archeologist whose fingers trace inside your skull
strangers' voices pause amongst your thoughts,
stranger fingers rearrange the content of your words.
Alphabet, like small change, gathers; collects to chunk,
syllaba articulare, to illustrate adventures, thinking
paths and pattern through the strong bonds
of chemical compositions, biological showers,
preprogrammed twirls of DNA and the random edges
of strangers that form and hone
each recycled shape into words with which to feed
the destiny of future generations linked by shape
made sound; bound, unbound
by touch, by sight, by vocal chords.

In the kiln a text puzzle is firing. It is not alone; the process of bringing text back to the potter has evolved to introduce a shape and texture that has its own language. Mirka has brought me a blind man's song, which I translate into an English poem and she translates into clay.
Clay that invites hands to fold around it, to feel the sound of unseen words; powerful words that move across barriers. We close our eyes and empathise our way into an unknown dark blue world.
Working with Mirka is like breathing fresh air. I bring words and take away new insights into their shape and colour.

Keywords: access,art,collaborative working,con.text,disability art,mirka golden-hann,people like you,poetry