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Is this working for you? / 11 November 2012

Reading through the Con.Text Blogs, I don't get much sense of the conversational adventure. While the project itself is taking shape, the conversations need always to be beginnings. I did want the blogs to go somewhere, to have a story, but their story of making needs to be the blank canvass on which Con.Text takes shape.


The words and poetry that make it into a blog are like preparatory sketches and may, or may not, be revealing the essence of the finished piece. Extreme situations, strange conversations are not being allowed to influence the way this work grows; they will be the finishing touches: highlights on the oil painting, dark shadows on a watercolour. Am I holding too much back?


Staying open, not coming to the obvious conclusions, that's how this works. But blogging about it creates pressure to express opinions, make judgements and here I'm finding a real benefit of the soft sculpture to the project; the figures are free to explore the extremes, to follow powerful directions, to bump into dead-ends.


Eyes wide shut

I turn my gaze

to the low season sun

I watch hot gold flood

my winterdark skull,

shift my focus to

the warmed pink

of closed lids and back,

back into the blood-rose

dripping dark in my head

from a throbbing pulse

of everblack wine

intoxicating my heart.


And for a moment

I am sunlit and at peace.


I wanted to say I am free to react and express, but it feels very much like it is they who tap into the things I am not yet ready to acknowledge.

They are gearing up for an exhibition, making statements, taking uncompromising positions; forceful, they will have requirements.


Con.Text is less self-aware, less self-important. Much as I follow my gut instincts, progress lines of story, accumulate the expected and unexpected, the end result is always a surprise and to make it, I need to let the reveal climax at just the right moment.

It needs to take me by surprise too.




Keywords: artist,blogging,con.text,diverse perspectives,poetry,soft sculpture