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New Con.Text / 29 September 2012

I've been struggling with how to blog about my DAO commission: the conversations that are influencing the development of the soft sculptures and inspiring and informing the new Con.Text.

This new work is based at Salisbury Arts Centre which is beginning its autumn season with flair; with an appeal that has a personal quality, enabling me to relate to the diverse programme of work as if it has been chosen especially for me.

My conversations with the practitioners and performers and with the Arts Centre visitors are revealing other relationships with, and expectations of, The Arts - some of them deeply personal and a privilege to share.

Making Con.Text pieces is challenging and as the work progresses it fills me with a sense of excitement and awe, especially as I begin to get an inkling of where the conversations will take me, talking with the people who offer and with the people who might be open to receiving.

At this early stage and with the work in the Gallery Space as starting point, I am not finding much correlation between the offer and the fulfilment of the self-perceived need or preference of the prospective receiver. In fact rather like the biological mystery of pregnancy, I wonder how the process is ever successful.

Sitting chatting before a video installation (part of the current group exhibition, Doctoring Practice) variously perceived as hauntingly beautiful; boring; resonant with timeless qualities; unremarkable; surprisingly passionate; creepy - almost scary; very clever, and old fashioned, I have plenty of evidence of difference, diversity, in the eye of the beholder.

I wonder how accessible you

make yourself to work on show?

How open are your eyes, your mind?

How much will you carry home or

scatter to the winds? Will you,

might you, dare you, let art change you?

How well do you understand your

need; your search; your curiosity?

Is there room in your life for surprise?

Are you generous; are you brave;

have you burdens too busy to shelve?

Do you seek, have you found, treasure?