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> > > Claire Cunningham on Give Me A Reason To Live


20 May 2015

Sarah Pickthall

Excrutiating powerful and absolutely unapologetic, Claire invites us to see image upon image of the history & here and now of 'the other' - it's the most extraordinary work; visceral with movement that contorts and feet that plead - clever, curious and a stunning execution of breath and body in disquiet harmony

20 May 2015

Laurence Hill

I saw this performance last night and have barely stopped thinking about since.








20 May 2015

Jo Pascale

I've been a big fan of Claire's work for some time. I saw this piece at the Old Market in the Brighton Festival 2015 and I was taken aback. It's very different to any work of hers I've seen before. It's not made to please an audience at all; is very hard, stark and minimal... and for all that it will remain in my imagination for a long time to come. This is as haunting as dance gets!

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