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Alice Holland is a trainee producer, shadowing Trish Wheatley for a year to learn Arts Management and Producing for Disability Arts. She has previously been a showgirl, fire-eater, pornographer and continues an illustrious career as an uppity feminist.

Training Update: 360 Degrees of Potential

30 April 2015


Alice Holland and Mat Fraser hug and smile at a party, both dressed in black leather

I am sitting in a darkened theatre watching Sue Austin fly around me in her underwater wheelchair at her first ever hometown show, and I feel the traces of her soaring ambitions everywhere. This will be a more personal blog than my last; not because I’m not engaged in the work of this exhibition but because the journey I am taking feels poignant today. As a dreamer of dreams and a maker of bold moves I hope Sue will forgive me for not giving a more thorough coverage of the piece here, but...

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'Figures' Production Report

7 April 2015


Staring vaguely into the middle distance in a chalet in rural Wales, it’s hard to process that for the last week I’ve been on a tidal schedule; a wind-burnt face and a sleep-deprived sense of befuddlement my only souvenirs of a week on the bank of the Thames helping Liz Crow bring her ‘Figures’ project into being. Was it only a few days ago we stood outside Parliament giving interviews to Finnish news channels and to Occupy? The BBC DID show up, didn’t they? The...

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