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Alice Holland is a trainee producer, shadowing Trish Wheatley for a year to learn Arts Management and Producing for Disability Arts. She has previously been a showgirl, fire-eater, pornographer and continues an illustrious career as an uppity feminist.

Fringe Diary Day 3: All For One

1 September 2015


One of the best things about this trip to the Fringe has been meeting other producers (trainee and pro) to have a good old rant, especially when it's in an absinthe bar full of circus honeys. Hey, when I'm working late I want to be at a party, even when I’m not drinking (touch me, I’m a saint). I’ve spent the week banging on about funding, curation, policy, mentoring, what a racket the Fringe is, what a great thing the Fringe is, how far disability arts has come and...

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