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Dreamcatcher in the Rye...calm down dear, it's just a commercial!

I imagine you're sitting in a purpose built tent of a room
In downtown Stockton on Tease
Robed in a kaftan sucking on a spliff
Deigning to educate us lesser mortals

Who get annoyed and post it on Facebook
Send us e-cards professing positivity
Telling us we should live and let live
Don't waste time on anger - chill my friend

Wafting your dream catcher and reading Salinger
Malingering while I vent my spleen
Well anger is an energy
I could be wrong but I know I'm right


*Thank for the inspiration though my well meaning friend.






Posted by Wendy Young, 29 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 May 2016

Stiff Little Fingers

Here is a limp (biskit) attempt to turn my (non comfortably) numb fingers and arms every morning into poetry as I had a weird dream that I could not shake out the numbness to pins and needles (paraesthesia) and wake up thinking of a punk band!

Now I'm dreaming of them
My fingers paralysed
One white one grey one skeletal
My paranoia's infiltrated my sleep
Only they won't straighten
They stay stiff
They won't loosen
But eventually I wake up
Uncomfortably numb fingers
Shaking (Stevens) motion into parasethesia
And I can't wait for my Alternative Ulster
I mean alternative booster
I need somebody
Kelp not just anybody
I need acupuncture NOW!



Posted by Wendy Young, 27 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 May 2016

Hubble bubble it's no trouble..I love the thunder, lightning and rain!


Poeticising the electrical storm
Like watching a Hammer Horror
When people are safe under the sheets
Huddling a lover
Heavy bedding
I am turned on by  sheet lightning
Heavy weather
Frightening myself hoping for a strike
When some are being struck by fists
The Monster wakes
No 'rain rain go away come back another day' for me
I happily dance and pray for more
Rain, rain faster alley alley Aster'
Rhymes from wildchildhood
Was I a miserable child?
It could have been 'go go'
Wake me up before you allez allez!
Or I could have been a Nordic ice spirit
Ally Ally Aster
Conjuring terrible weather!
Where Nordic myths hung around
And now I call upon the words
To save me melting like a waxwork
Sweltering heat
Is not sweet
Thunder, lightning and rain
Turns me into Keats!

NB: It would be interesting to hear from people if they know the rhyme 'rain rain faster' or 'rain rain go away'...I remember them but it's only now I think 'where did they come from?'...I am very intrigued by the Nordic myth 'Ally Ally Aster' who conjured up a terrible winter.  Otherwise, it may just be 'alley alley' for the rain to run faster down the drain so more could fall?


Posted by Wendy Young, 25 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 May 2016

Forrest Gumption

To the GP
I started to walk
Feeling free
I could not stop
Along the way
I met humanity
I admired big houses
I smelt the dried piss streets
As the pavement spread
Into the darkest of towns
Even in the sun
It was glum
Downtrodden people
Trying to live
Life's struggle not healed
With a few rays of sun
Just lighting up the gloom
I strode in hope
Wafting through the mire
Perchance to to tire
Perchance to dream
To sleep in this heat
I wore out my feet
I thought 'like the fella in the bible'
Journey's end to get needles stuck in me
By my fasting GP
So that I can rest in peace
But like a bolt of lightning
It struck me
This wasn't just a Forrest Gump moment
I was following my mother's footsteps
But hers were in snow
Waist deep
As her waters broke
As she told her baby
'hold on, hold on'
Four miles in a Northern Winter
She trudged past a particular road
That 20 years later
Would take this baby forever
If only she'd known
All the protection she gave couldn't save him
From a drunken driver one February morning.


Posted by Wendy Young, 22 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 May 2016

Can't think of a title!! I just want to express a bit of happiness

At Harrison's Bar - a gem of a basement for gigs
Fuelled by red wine
I walked from Kings Cross to Euston
I took in the St Pancras Gothic beauties
And said out loud in my head
I love London Streets
I love London gigs
Like Kath Tait's honeyed voice
Lucy Lyrical's ukele
Maggie Swampwino's electric mandolin
Blew away my duress, my stress and the wind up my dress
Fuelling my journey up Euston Road


Posted by Wendy Young, 11 July 2014

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 11 May 2016