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Chatting to a WH Smith Chugger

Pulled into Oxford Services last night on my way home from me mother's. Through the second set of automatic doors stood a chugger, clanging a red bucket for Pudsey. I blanked them to the extent that their size, race and gender became a blue. I had no idea who they were.

Entering the loo I was invited to spend a penny for pudsey. I could see that others had. Pennies piled brownly in a thick perspex casing. I am always tempted to break it, vandalise the promo poster, run off with the money. But I don't. My radical manners are not all they should be. I am controlled by laws of behaviour. I'm a good boy I am. Innit?

I meet up witih her majesty at the Eat counter. Buy her a hot chocolate. I'm on the red bull. I need to stay awake. We sit down and Madge tells me:

"When I was getting your red bull the counter hand asked me if I minded increasing my bill by 10p for Pudsey. I told them that I certainly did mind".

Is this a new style? Chug for free at WH Smith. Earn your WH Smith salary and do a chuggers job too. Cut out the chugger go straight to WH.

Madge had felt offended that she had been asked at all.

Me. I'm checking my paranoia. Where can I go to avoid Pudsey. Reminded me to put up an event on the We All Shot Pudsey facebook page though... I'll do it later. Burn Pudsey Friday is coming soon.

Posted by Rich Downes, 4 November 2013

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 5 November 2013