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Election Fever – like Ebola but more fatal

So, we recently had an election, in case anybody missed it, and I nearly did. The result was mind numbingly predictable the Tories won in England and the SNP in Scotland and nobody has any idea what happened in Wales.  

I see much moaning and wailing about the outcome and what it means for disabled people; the thing is it doesn’t mean much.  It will be business as usual under a Tory government. Labour espoused much the same welfare and arts policies as the Tories (not to mention the fab “Controls on Immigration” mugs – what was that about???). One must remember that it was a Labour administration that invited the disabled community to the ATOS / ESA tea party and didn’t we have fun!

We have a brand new Minister for Disabled People – whose name I can’t recall and a lovely new philistine as Minister of Culture Media and Sport – a grey suited man called…called…er…well, anyway it doesn’t matter because both of these posts are not real Ministerial roles they are only viewed by the incumbents as a stepping stone to a real job. The Minister of Cripples doesn’t even sit in the cabinet. 

Whittingdale – the Minister for Culture etc. etc. (I looked it up okay…) is in the cabinet but will be so busy spanking the BBC with his kipper tie that we shan’t even get a whiff of his anti everything in the liberal arts ire. I had the misfortune to once meet Jeremy Hunt when he was in that role at a shindig for the Paralympics TV coverage at Channel 4.  He was as slick and sincere as a fox in a hen coup I declined to be introduced to him. 

Esther McVey was there as well in her roll as then Minister of Cripples – she said “hello” - as I had interviewed her a few days previously for a Dispatches I was making. I didn’t answer. The politician’s slimy politicking didn’t surprise me – that’s what they do. But I was somewhat ashamed of the rim jobs that most of the disabled ‘artists’ present (ok they were TV people – not real artists), were giving them.  

We can expect both the new ministers to be gone inside of a year and hopefully after a lot of infighting the Tories slim majority will implode and they will explode but, and this is the real problem, what the hell is there to replace them with..?

Blue Labour? I don’t think so…. They are as much use as a blind lollipop lady on a motorway. I suppose we best all go off and make some art about it, as a protest.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 18 May 2015

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 19 May 2015