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Bus stories!

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A cold and frosty morning, I've just got in after a trip on the bus. Oh my God. The world is strange and dark at the moment. The reaction of other passengers is starting to make me paranoid that herds of Dignitas death squads are lurking on every corner - and every seat of the no 19.

It's not just about grumpy Londoners doing what they love (moaning), it's bordering on a serious hatred of 'the disabled'. How often of late have I heard mutterings about 'shouldn't let 'em on, it's a nuisance, they get enough already' and 'they have special buses why are they on here getting in the way?'

Mothers with buggies shrill at me 'I have a right to be there too, you can wait.' I've tried stoically saying 'sorry, I cannot fold up my wheelchair and be lifted to my seat', and a pointed 'but you did not take part in the long fight for these spaces', but no one, at no time, is really interested.

Bus stories anyone? Happy nice smiley bus stories? Make me feel better....

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 23 December 2008

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 10 January 2010