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Creative Momentum / 28 February 2009

Yesterday I attended the one day ‘Creative Momentum’ here in Auckland.   A  day for listening, learning and sharing.   A time to rethink the past of disability arts and share ideas for the future.

As a deafened person,  the Maori sounds presented by Whairitotu, her  language, beauty, gentleness and vibrations in her ritual welcome made a profound impact. She began and ended the day with traditional Maori song and dance and her spirit filtered throughout the proceedings,

The Maori message of unification came across strongly and was a reminder of the connectedness of us all and the value of our uniqueness. “Every living being plays music in the rhythms of life”  D.Ikeda  (Space and Eternal Life)

I have come away reflecting on my own practice, the ‘self’ of me and our shared humanity.

I can only represent myself.  This is my life to live it and use my creative expression as honourably as I can. I take away from Momentum the cultural Maori references which resonate.