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Auckland, Visits and Artist / 25 February 2009

First day in Auckland, unpack, shower and meet up with Colin Hambrook.  We are adventurers and take a trip by ferry to Waiheke Island, it is beautiful.     We have a late lunch by the beach a couple of beers and head back to our hotel, where we both acknowledge we are completely shattered from our journeys.     I try to fathom what happened to Sunday, it was lost in the time travel!

Tuesday:   I have arranged to meet Tim Turner, disabled visual artist, sculptor,  jeweller, dancer.     He meets us at Devonport ferry and shows us great hospitality and welcome.  Tim takes us to the top of the hill so that we can see Auckland city from a distance, the bays, the views-  it is wonderful to be here.    Tim invites Colin and I back to his home and we learn how his three legged dog propelled him into the work he is now doing with children and dance.       I have some photos of some of his sculptures, strange and beautiful faces which resonate with me and my own penchant for creating faces which reflect my feelings and experience.        

There is a slight techno problem getting these photos up on this blog.   Colin and I will keep trying.       It feels a 'no-stress' environment here, so no worries.....  Px