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Creative Momentum

Yesterday I attended the one day ‘Creative Momentum’ here in Auckland.   A  day for listening, learning and sharing.   A time to rethink the past of disability arts and share ideas for the future.

As a deafened person,  the Maori sounds presented by Whairitotu, her  language, beauty, gentleness and vibrations in her ritual welcome made a profound impact. She began and ended the day with traditional Maori song and dance and her spirit filtered throughout the proceedings,

The Maori message of unification came across strongly and was a reminder of the connectedness of us all and the value of our uniqueness. “Every living being plays music in the rhythms of life”  D.Ikeda  (Space and Eternal Life)

I have come away reflecting on my own practice, the ‘self’ of me and our shared humanity.

I can only represent myself.  This is my life to live it and use my creative expression as honourably as I can. I take away from Momentum the cultural Maori references which resonate.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 28 February 2009

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Auckland, Visits and Artist

photo shows two men standing in the surf with a dog to the right of the picture playing in the waves

First day in Auckland, unpack, shower and meet up with Colin Hambrook.  We are adventurers and take a trip by ferry to Waiheke Island, it is beautiful.     We have a late lunch by the beach a couple of beers and head back to our hotel, where we both acknowledge we are completely shattered from our journeys.     I try to fathom what happened to Sunday, it was lost in the time travel!

Tuesday:   I have arranged to meet Tim Turner, disabled visual artist, sculptor,  jeweller, dancer.     He meets us at Devonport ferry and shows us great hospitality and welcome.  Tim takes us to the top of the hill so that we can see Auckland city from a distance, the bays, the views-  it is wonderful to be here.    Tim invites Colin and I back to his home and we learn how his three legged dog propelled him into the work he is now doing with children and dance.       I have some photos of some of his sculptures, strange and beautiful faces which resonate with me and my own penchant for creating faces which reflect my feelings and experience.        

There is a slight techno problem getting these photos up on this blog.   Colin and I will keep trying.       It feels a 'no-stress' environment here, so no worries.....  Px

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 25 February 2009

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Auckland, New Zealand

I've arrived in Auckland, and had an interesting flight over with BA269, whereby 4 flight attendants told me that they do not have films with subtitles, save in Japanese, Italian, Spanish etc.    I thought this can't be true it's 2009 for chrissakes so I explained a little about equal access (such is my mission in life).    The No. 1 Flight attendant was adamant that they do not provide this service and my pleas fell on deaf ears when I explained that I would be destined to an 11 hour flight without a film unlike the rest of the 450+ passengers.    However, the lovely young American couple seated next to me were convinced this should be possible and found two subtitled films for me to access.   So it seems BA are doing their bit to make service provision accessible, only they don't make this known to all their staff!    Ah well.

There are better things to come, I know.   Pxx

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 24 February 2009

Last modified by Anonymous, 23 March 2009

New Faces New Places

a grey charcoal image for this first blog entry on 2nd February 2009

The current economic downturn with its grim grey features hit a personal home with the demise (or postponement at best) of Momentum 09 in New Zealand where i was scheduled to meet a new wave of collaborators and interest to build upon the Many Faces of Discrimination

Currently the research and development film created by myself, filmaker Caglar Kimyoncu and sound artist Jon Adams has been very well received and is available to an invited group of interested parties through facebook.

I am keen to develop a new rationale to safeguard my trip including outreach to the New Zealand Paralympics Association in Auckland.....I'm going to be on that plane without's the fight and flight in me....

Posted by , 3 February 2009

Last modified by Anonymous, 17 February 2009