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Back on the road again! / 6 July 2011

Heaing Homes DVD cover showing an image of a red clapboard house

Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis, a feature-length documentary film directed by Daniel Mackler

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Dear readers, last week was a week to remember. Had my annual health MOT with Dr Patel looking at my bodywork and my big ends - everything working well so ‘back on the road again ‘. I can almost hear the guitar strumming out the chords.

The week started well with a trip to f.e.e.l friends of east end loonies] at the Larc Centre in Whitechapel. They were showing a Daniel Mackler documentary called ‘Healing Homes’ about service user/survivor recovery and healing in Sweden. Very good movie. Check out his podcast with Will Hall on Madness Radio
I saw ‘Take these broken Wings’ also by Daniel at the Hearing Voices Conference last November at Sherwood Forest, Centre Parc about recovering from Schizophrenia without medication.

After the film there was a good discussion by ‘Speak out against Psychiatry’ lead by John who is planning a protest against the excesses of psychiatry. People with Schizophrenia are looking for something better than the BOG STANDARD pills and poor services. Scientifically DUBIOUS electrocution with ECT. Not forgetting the COERCION. Time to pull the finger out demand quality services

Early start Tuesday, back to the road again to the east end, this time, at New Inn Yard the home of ‘Amnesty International’ with Speakers Jacqui Dillon, Peter Bullimore and visiting from New Zealand, Debra Lampshire were presenting a day on Paranoia and Hearing Voices. Excellent day first class speakers who really knew their subject. The audience was about 50 with a good mixture of stake holders [service user survivors] and mental health workers.

We learnt that there are 5 million CCTV cameras in the UK, that’s 20% of the world’s total, and that psychosis was caused by trauma [and not by chemical imbalances]. Lots of insightful comments from experts by experience who know from experience about psychosis and paranoia. I think the next talk is in Brighton. Check it out on http://www.hearing-voices.org" data-scaytid="2">www.hearing-voices.org

Last Thursday I attended a retirement party for my good friend Dr Pietro Pizzo MD in Ruislip Manor. A truly wonderful guy who has helped many patients overcome their distress. He specialises in Holistic Psychiatry. I met his Early Intervention Team, namely Camilla, Chris and Tonte. Nice people. Dr Pietro was very complimentary saying I should use my knowledge and write a book. I am giving my future a lot of thought exploring about human rights and the terrible cuts by this Coalition government.

Before I hit the road I must tell you about this website I’ve discovered called www.ted.com" data-scaytid="4">www.ted.com and in particular a talk by Sir Ken Robinson called 'Schools kill creativity'

I think it speaks for itself. Bye for now HAVE A GOOD ONE. ~ Regards Joe