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Joe's tackling poverty, inequality and rubbish blog / 3 February 2014

collage of images

Tackling poverty inequality and rubbish

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This coalition government is the pits. When they closed down my local mental health block in Ealing Hospital and two major mental health daycentre. The horror and destructiveness to ordinary people became obvious.

Recently I did this Photo Collage using google images and the copy and paste function on my word windows document software. Asserting Article 21 of the CRPD Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability. That is about self-expression and access to useful information. 

I proceeded devising the following collage. From left to right and top to bottom down the page this is what I clicked.

Scratch–Scratch cards
I often see at the supermarket cigarette counter. Poor people buying these cards to gamble and get out of poverty. They are more likely to make the Lottery owner richer and themselves poorer. SCRATCH seems to sum it up.

George Osborne not Ossie Osborne
The chancellor seems to embody all the nastiness of this Com/Dem Coalition. Help the rich and screw the poor.

Boris ‘on yer bike’ Hitler.
Looks like Benny Hill on a bad day. Mayor of London. Should I move out of London? Sorry I’ll stick it out. Maybe he’ll be defeated at the next election?

Black rubbish sacks
They seem to embody this crap administration

Payday loan companies.
They seem to be everywhere, even on TV. I thought it was TOXIC LOANS that got us into THE BANKING CRISIS MESS.

I hear that a new foodbank opens every week somewhere in the country. They are expanding faster than Subways or Costa Coffee [£3 a cup].

West Ealing has a ‘97p Shop’. I think they are racing to the bottom?

NHS Dentistry
Many of my friends have similar teeth missing. Missing front teeth is called Cosmetic dentistry and that costs. So you can tell the poor by their poor teeth.

Last week I counted 10 cameras on my bus. It would be cheaper for  BBC or ITV to buy a bus than build new studios?

These mini aircraft have remote firepower. Which means theoretically anyone out of doors can be assinated by such a device. Bit scary?

I don’t fully understand the entire banking situation. No TV channel is in a hurry to explain all about banking. Plenty of rubbish about selling antiques, cooking a meal, moving to the country but no. BANKING SCANDAL EXPLAINED?

So have a nice day, don’t worry it may never happen, Hope not?

All the best 

JoeJ +

Keywords: capitalism,disabled peoples movement,disabled peoples protest