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SOS - Save Our Services / 31 December 2011

On a freezing dark December evening a group of friendly campaigners gathered on the steps of Ealing Town Hall to raise awareness about the threat to close Ealing Hospital also the threat to close the MAC Centre a Mind in Ealing & Hounslow Mental Health Project.

Our group of approximately 40 people, many of whom were service users, spent time talking to the public, gathering signatures on their petition and talking to the local Ealing Gazette.

Having made our platform we went into the main chamber of the town hall to a full Council meeting attended by all the Councillors in the borough.

There were many items on the agenda including the ongoing controversy of wheelie bins versus black bags for refuse collection.

Eventually our issue about the future of Ealing Hospital came for discussion. I expected a hard debate between left and right and all shades in between, but no. The whole council was unanimously opposed to this idea one councillor described the concept as political suicide to support such an issue.

Feeling happy we shuffled onward having felt positive with our nights work. Remembering that other services are not so secure. The Save the MAC Campaign is also striving to protect this valued service. For further details contact...