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I have a dream / 27 December 2011

‘I have a dream': these were the words uttered by the champion of liberty, Martin Luther King. They were delivered on the 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. He had a vision for human rights in the USA and humanity. Originally he took his lead from Mahatma Ghandi the inspired human rights leader of Indian Independence. These two giants of civil rights have written in the pages of history the road to freedom and we take our lead from them in the Disability Movement.

In recent years I’ve been disillusioned be the many barriers we experience in ‘our movement’ particularly in the mental health sector. Our National Charities seem to lack the courage and conviction to campaign convincingly on our behalf. Perhaps it’s the fact that most of the funding comes from government and they are afraid to take them on. I think the current cuts in public services and cuts in benefit should be good reason to campaign for social justice. I think they should think again.

Barriers, barriers, barriers there are so many that hold us back from personal ones that stop a person getting out of bed in the morning to some of the user vandals that scupper the user involvement process. I would like to encourage people in our movement to work harder, go the extra mile to claim social justice. To claim our Human Rights as laid down by the in the CRPD Convention on the Rights of People with Disability signed in the United Nations in 2007. To acknowledge and claim ‘the Take 5 Charter ‘developed in Ealing, west London this year. To get a new deal for disabilities ~ I have a dream, too for a better world for Disabled people, not like the current nightmare.