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New Vision...

I’m exploring a New Vision in communication. I’m reviewing my situation and re-evaluating the power of the blog. I think blogging is a very powerful disability campaigning tool. I have heard from NSUN [National Survivor User Network] of the large projected growth of Internet access for disabled people and service users in particular.

I‘d like to take full advantage of the growth and expansion and use it as a campaigning tool to inform, promote discussion and work for change especially human rights for our movement, also to explore new initiatives and models of good practice. I think the current cuts and changes in benefit for disabled are a scandal.

In campaigning I’d like to use the full creative capacity and potential of this new media by using photographs, clip art, live action footage, sound clips in fact anything and everything I can muster to interest and inform you, dear readers. I intend to aim for a weekly Friday deadline. I intend to send a link to my national and international email contact list of approx 500 People in over 35 countries. I intend to make full use of Facebook and twitter. It may take time to get up to full speed.

I really want to push it, make this space come alive each week. I really want to connect with you, my readers, using the new medias opportunity to express your
Ideas too. So - Its 1 for the money - 2 for the show - 3 to get ready and lets get going!!!!!

I’m showing ‘Take these broken Wings’ by Daniel Mackler on World Mental Health Day 10th October 2011 at ECILĀ  1 Bayham Rd West Ealing W13 OTQ at 4-00pm please feel free to come along and check it out

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 12 October 2011

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 7 December 2011