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Artist and wordsmith, whose work engages with issues of access, from acknowledged physical needs to perceived symbolic exclusions. After being selected as one of DAO's New Voices in 2011, Gini's online presence has become an integral part of her arts practice

Robots, reality and fantasy architecture.

1 September 2014


Five white robots, each with what looks like an ipad on its chest, are stood before a line of students sitting at desks. A female student in a blue dress and white hat is in the foreground. Behind the robots is a teacher with microphone and at least three

Every year the Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) holds an open 2 day event for young people - starting from three to seven year olds and introducing them to creative fun, games and technology. It's maybe the second best such event in Japan so I'm off to check it out. At the station it's easy to figure out which way to go, there is a steady stream of children and young people heading down the road; I follow. AGU was founded by American Methodists in 1949 and there is a statue of John...

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