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Setting out for Tokyo / 1 April 2011

I'm packed and ready to go. I've read up on radiation levels, checked out the frequency and strength of the earthquakes and received supplies of dark, exotic chocolate from concerned friends.

I'm worrying that my plans will be unworkable and find that keeping an open mind gives access to all kinds of anxieties, but having to be this flexible is also exciting. There are days when all the planning and pacing necessary to make my life function weigh impossibly heavily on me.

I still hope to visit the Hasedera Temple at Kamakura. The big attraction is the large number of Jizo statues. These small stone images, protectors of travellers and children, are said to provide comfort and support especially to women who have lost children through miscarriage or abortion.

I have my own artworks grown out of questions provoked by my miscarriages and the common reactions of kindly friends: ponderings on where disability begins.

I had originally hoped to use them to illustrate my Tokyo preparations, but with the disaster they felt too provocative and painful.

Maybe they will resonate.

I'm using Stefan's iPad, so you are getting it all as an email. I will figure out his computer soon - it's in Japanese - and hopefully the camera too.