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A book launch for Kingfisher poets

Words are keeping me sane. They have been my life-line to creative expression while all the admin stuff of life has demanded more attention than I feel capable of giving.

The visual embryo glows; gleams in suspended animation. I am just glad it lives.

The words continue to tumble forth with such generosity. Today is the book launch: "Kingfishers", a first anthology of poems by the Kingfisher poets and I have poems in it. The launch precedes an end of year performance by Jigsaw, a talented youth dance group who will be presenting "Confluence" a work interpreting river poems that we wrote for the project, and from which we read excepts as a sound track.

The river curls and swirls
its whisper; its naming.
I am it chuckles and moans
I am and I come. I offer
and I am the gift.

The river tumbles and scrambles
to my door. Trickles and plays
with the dark and the light.
Comes in the dithering chaos.
I come, but I cannot stay.
I am, but you do not know me.
I bring myself and I leave.
In my bed, apparently, silently
still, yet moving, deep down
leaving, forever leaving,
I am the leaving and I am anew.

Washed overseven stones
and white in the rabble;
empty of memory. I am
and I come. I am the river
arriving, arriving.

Posted by Colin Hambrook, 11 July 2011

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 6 August 2011