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Lara Varga

Gallery of work from printmaker, Illustrator and Book Artist Lara Varga.

National Disability Arts Collection and Archive

An introduction to the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive at Holton Lee

Andrew Roberts

DAO presents a small gallery of some of painter, Andrew Roberts' work.

Gallery: Tony Heaton

Tony Heaton is a practising sculptor and leading figure within the Disability Arts movement. On these pages you will find a selection of some of his key works.

Phil Lancaster

Phil Lancaster's compelling, computer generated images express artistsic ideas as an intriguing and clever form of expression.

Tommy McHugh

Gallery of work from a Liverpool artist whose creativity came to the fore after having a stroke.

Chris Hammond Gallery

Chris Hammond is a gifted graphic artist and designer as evidenced by her work for Full Circle Arts - look at its leaflets and website for examples. Her inspirations are eclectic, ranging from the late Ian Stanton, to Rothko's work at Tate Modern.

Benedict Phillips: Invisible Apartheid of Words

Benedict Phillips' UK and US residencies

Nancy Willis: Early Days Gallery

A painter, printmaker and sculptor, Nancy Willis is an exceptional artist who has been exhibiting at mainstream and Disability Arts events since the mid 1970's.

James Aldridge: Inside-Out

James Aldridge explores his relationship to disability and impairment

John Exell

Sculptural and visual arts pieces from John Exell in conjunction with Centrepieces - a Mental health system user-led art group in Crayford, Kent

Art + Power

Gallery of work from Art + Power, a learning disability group based in Bristol.

Sue Williams: Urban Regeneration

Paintings by Sue Williams

Rachel Gadsden: Beyond the Asylum

Beyond the Asylum: A collection of paintings by Rachel Gadsden which formed the basis for the accompanying narrative.

Colin Hambrook: Dreams of the Absurd

Making paintings and prints about his experience of visions, hallucinations and dreams, brought Colin Hambrook into contact with emerging Disability Arts.

Mark Ware: The Dog that Barked like a Bird

These gallery pages contain stills from a video composition 'The Dog that Barked like a Bird' - originally based around a diary record the artist kept following a stroke in 1996. The film is part of a multi-media project, which also includes an exhibition and a play.

Crippen Cartoons

Disabled cartoonist Dave Lupton has a unique cutting edge 'disability vision', and is constantly working to bring his cartoons to a wider audience.

Pauline Alexander: The Many Faces of Discrimination

In collaboration with disabled sound and media artists Jon Adams and Caglar Kimyoncu, Pauline Alexander produced The Art of Discrimination. Here are some stills from that video installation.

Gallery: Tales From The Boarders

A series of works from the installations created for 'Tales from the Boarders' by artists Anne Teahan and Damien Robinson.

Gallery: selection of Mike Fryer's acrylics

Landscape painter Mike Fryer introduces a selection of his acrylic works.

Gallery: Caroline Cardus' artwork from the Driving Inspiration project

Vicky-Hope Walker from Creative Bucks introduces a gallery of Caroline Cardus' work

Gallery: Rachel Gadsden: Breaking Barriers

A gallery of details from the Breaking Barriers painting, commissioned by Parliamentary outreach developed in partnership with Essex County Council, The Women's Library, Rethink, Epping Forest Museum, and Southend Discovery Museum.

Gallery: Russell Jones presents Unleashed

Dao is delighted to present a gallery selection of paintings from Unleashed an exhibition of Russell Jones work presented by Creative Future at Brighton Media Centre Gallery from 20 - 31 July 2009.

Gallery: Jon Adams presents The Goose on the Hill

Jon Adams presents a gallery of images of artworks on exhibition at Pallant House Gallery from 13 October – 22 November 2009

Gallery: David Feingold

David Feingold is a visual designer turned social worker, turned doctoral student in disability studies at National-Louis University, Chicago. He has found a way to turn pain into pictures and anguish into art - Disability Art, that is - in the form of digital visual assemblages.

Gallery: urban wastelands, desolate places by Kit Wells

By exploring our urban wastelands and desolate places in his paintings, Kit Wells points up human frailty and helplessness in a landscape created for man’s ease of living, but resulting in an inner-city hell.

Gallery: Harry Matthews' visionary artworks

Visual artist and writer Harry Matthews shares some of his images, with a description of the vision behind his paintings and drawings.

Gallery: Aidan Moesby

Aidan Moesby is a text artist who utilises a variety of media, technologies and approaches in order to realise the artwork.

Gallery: Maureen Oliver

Maureen Oliver's paintings echo another dimension of reality. The narratives within her artwork engage the viewer with a need to find out more about the human drama described in her paintings.

Gallery: Altered Images

Altered Images - an innovative exhibition, designed to stimulate engagement with the visual arts by people with disabilities, opens to the public at the Irish Museum of Modern Art from 17 June 2010 to 15 August 2010

Gallery: Dolly Sen

Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, filmmaker, poet, performer, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. She posts some of her artwork, challenging the nature of 'madness.'

Gallery: Nancy Willis presents Transformation

Animated art by Nancy Willis, based on 'The Explorer' by Allan Sutherland, with music by Chris Morris.

Gallery: BlindArt

BlindArt is a charitable organisation whose aim is to encourage participation and interaction of the visually impaired in the sighted domain of the visual arts. DAO presents a gallery of some of the artwork in the BlindArt collection

Gallery: Re-framing disability: portraits from the Royal College of Physicians

Bridget Telfer, Project Curator, introduces a sample gallery of images of disabled people from the 17th - 19th centuries, held in the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) archive. The exhibition, with responses from disabled people today, is on show at Shape, London until 29 September 2011.

Gallery 1: Anne Teahan - Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility

Sharing Cultures is a project researching disability arts by artist Anne Teahan inspired by Revealing Culture an international festival of disability art and culture at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in summer 2010. Here Anne shares a gallery of a selection of works from by the artists she engaged with.

Gallery 2: Anne Teahan - Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility

Sharing Cultures is a project researching disability arts by artist Anne Teahan inspired by Revealing Culture an international festival of disability art and culture at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in summer 2010. Here Anne shares a gallery of a selection of works from by the artists she engaged with.

Gallery: Charles Devus

Charles Devus is an artist, writer, performer and musician. This gallery displays examples from his forthcoming graphic novel Justin Sane - the travails of an aesthetic detective and his alien son, Cedric.

Gallery: Vince Laws - HM The Queen Never... plaques

Vince Laws has been busy with a series of blue plaques commemorating things HM The Queen Never Did... He posts a selection on DAO

Crippen and John O'Donoghue present The O’Crypes

As one of DAO's Diverse Perspectives commissions, we've asked John O'Donoghue and Crippen to produce The O’Crypes - a cartoon blog about a family based in the fictional seaside town of Westsea - who are more than a little bemused by the Cultural Olympiad

Crippen presents the Criptarts

Crippen's latest cartoon strip takes DAO readers on an unpredictable journey with a host of disabled characters, featuring some surprising guest appearances from well known members of the disability arts community. Watch the characters develop as they grapple with many of the issues that confront us all as disabled artists, and support each other as members of the DAO extended family.

Gallery: Ivan Riches: Outside In video portraits

As part of DAO’s Diverse Perspectives programme, funded by Arts Council England, film-maker Ivan Riches was selected to produce a series of short, moving image, digital works with Outside In artist Paul Bellingham.

Gallery: Liz Crow: Bedding In, Bedding Out - a live durational performance

Liz Crow presents her new work 'Bedding In, Bedding Out' which is one of the eight Diverse Perspectives commissions funded by Arts Council's Grants for the Arts. Drawing on audio recordings and time lapse photography of the performance, Reflections from the Bed introduces the work, its backdrop and its politics.

Gallery: Sarah Hirst
Sarah Hirst is currently in her 3rd and final year on a fine art degree. The theme of her work is about exploring the masks we wear in everyday life. Her gallery of Dream Watercolours represents work that came out of a project making work about experience of hallucinations.
Gallery: Dolly Sen: Portugal Prints working with the Royal Academy of Arts

As part of DAO’s Diverse Perspectives programme, funded by Arts Council England, film-maker Dolly Sen was commissioned to produce a short documentary exploring the relationship Portugal Prints has with the Royal Academy of Arts access programme. 'Greenhouse of Hearts' highlights the inspired, dynamic work that this small project is delivering.

Gallery: Aidan Moesby: Hang on it'll be okay - an artistic response to The West Yorkshire Playhouse

As part of DAO’s Diverse Perspectives programme, funded by Arts Council England, artist Aidan Moesby was commissioned to make work for exhibition at The West Yorkshire Playhouse in response to a series of dialogues and conversations with the theatre staff. ‘Hang on, it’ll be okay’ responds to a period of organisational change within the organisation. His lighthouses, exhibited in June 2013 are a metaphor for the purpose of the arts as a beacon, there to guide and to create safe passage.

Gallery: Extant present ZombieyeZ in Zagreb

Extant Theatre's blind Zombie movie was filmed in Zagreb. Below you can follow the video diary of the heroine Helen as she joins blind and partially sighted people from across the world to take part in a Zagreb clinic’s medical trial claiming to restore sight in 24 hours. How far did they go to get their sight back? Experience the shocking outcome of Extant’s interactive online film narrative!

Gallery: David Beaumont

Currently based at artspace in Coventry, David Beaumont creates installation-based sculpture; video and photography. This gallery shows a selection of his work, featured at the MA show at Coventry University in 2013.

Gallery: Shape Creative Steps: David Hevey documentaries

As part of London-based disability arts development agency, Shape's Creative Steps programme, seven disabled creative practitioners participated in a series of fascinating film documentaries. Made by award-winning director, screenwriter and photographer, David Hevey, the purpose of this documentary-series is to act as a calling card  highlighting the talents of the disabled artists that Shape supports - and who in turn, support Shape.

Gallery: Sanchita Islam: Schizophrenics Can Be Good Mothers Too

Rich Mix is hosting an exhibition of recent works by Sanchita Islam from 4 - 27 June. The artist explains some of the ideas behind the exhibition in a moving and intimate series of reflections on a selection of the artworks.

Gallery: Create: Me, Myself, I: portraits by young people with autism

This collection of portrait photographs was taken by young people with autism in a project led by arts charity Create following the theme of 'Me, Myself, I'.  The young people took portraits of each other to explore their identity and the identity of their peers, and in the process developed these fantastically dynamic shots full of movement and life. To create these portraits, the young people worked with Create’s professional photographer Alicia Clarke.  

Gallery: Emma Stephenson

Emma Stephenson is a London based artist/illustrator working mainly on reportage projects and themes. Her latest project is about her perspective on the world from her wheelchair.