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Monochrome mandala image. Pencil

Mandala 001

No inspiration? Try growing your own.

I intended to draw a mandala on the computer but I couldn't be bothered to learn how. And I must have been yearning to make marks.

Out came the pencil, pad and compasses. An hour and a half later, this.

As mandalas go, it is pretty basic, I know. I’m certainly not making any claims for its art worthiness, or any religious or peace-making powers. It’s an organised doodle, that’s all.

Yet there was something rather organic and transformative in the making of it. Spiritual, possibly. Meditative, slightly. Hypnotic, fairly. Restful, definitely.

I began with concentric circles, then drew arcs across. Working outwards from the centre, I randomly drew and erased, gradually adding detail.

There was no pre-conception, no plan, no thinking, no idea involved in the making of this.

The drawing seemed to emerge, to grow, from and by itself.

The energy (inspiration?) appeared to come from inside the circle, from within the drawing, not from me.

The sense of freedom was quietly liberating and calming. This derived, perhaps, from the simplicity of the medium used, and the drawing’s geometric abstractness, the absence of likeness to object or person.

It just is.

Line; pattern; symmetry.

I shall do more ...


The Mandala Project. Promoting peace through art and education.

Posted by Deborah Caulfield, 25 August 2013

Last modified by Deborah Caulfield, 25 August 2013