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Artist is as artist does.

I'm too old (or too/not enough something else) to get a job, so I'm trying to focus on the art side of things. It might come to nothing, or it might come to something. The main thing is I'm doing it.

Wake up!

City Arts is an interesting project that's recently started. It's local, near to where I live, in West Berkshire. I went to see their little exhibition a couple of weekends ago, talked to the people involved. I'm looking forward to their upcoming Mighty Pens workshops on writing and illustrating poems. This coming weekend, I plan to take part in their Big Draw activity in Newbury Market. 

After attending a free webinar with Morgan Gist MacDonald, I've been doing 25 minute freewriting exercises. The idea is to get into the writing habit, to 'focus on abundance' or, as I think of it, beat  the block.

Then there's the drawing thing, another habit I continually break.

I tried some outdoor sketching last weekend. What a disaster. I lost concentration after ten minutes. The drawing was awful.

Alongside this blog is a scribble I did today. It's a reversed/scanned mirror-view of my face. OK, a self-portrait. Arguably it doesn't look much like me, but it certainly feels like me.

Thanks for reading my blog. xx

Posted by Deborah Caulfield, 15 October 2015

Last modified by Deborah Caulfield, 15 October 2015

Distraction, dissatisfaction and not enough art action.

I haven't posted to my blog for months and months.

This picture helps to explain why. Taken today.

Not that I haven't had ANY art action. It's just that I haven't written about it here. Because it's mainly rubbish, to be honest.

Or maybe I'm lazy. No, that's not it.

Or maybe I lack committment. That's probably it.

And I like eating.

Posted by Deborah Caulfield, 11 October 2015

Last modified by Deborah Caulfield, 11 October 2015